•        Are you unemployed or underemployed and looking for a new and exciting career in the legal field?
    •        Are you ready to train for a career in a field with expanding employment opportunities?
    •        Do you like problem solving, research, or investigation?
    •        Have you been told you would make a good lawyer?
    •        Would you like a new career while building on your current skill set?
    •        Have you been searching to attend an ABA-Approved Paralegal Studies Program?
             **Note: There are only 29 ABA-Approved Paralegal Studies programs in California.
Pasadena City College
Paralegal Studies
Pasadena City College    1570 Colorado Boulevard    Pasadena, CA  91106  (626) 585-7817
How Can I Learn More About Pasadena City College Paralegal Studied Program?

You can speak directly with the program coordinator, Dr. Carol D. Kellogg by calling her PCC office located in Room R308(A)
of the Business and Computer Technology Division at (626) 585-7817.

Join 30,000+ students from every background imaginable, all driven by the possibility of fulfilling an educational goal and
jump-starting a career. Pursue a degree or certificate, complete classes for transfer, or prepare to enter the workforce —
whatever you choose, we will give you the opportunities, resources, and support you need to succeed.
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For more information on requirements, registration, and graduation please visit the Business Division Office in Room R201.

NOTE: A paralegal must not engage in, encourage, or contribute to any act which could constitute to any at which could
constitute the unauthorized practice of law; not establish attorney-client relationships, set fees, give legal opinions, or
advertise or represent a client before a court agency unless so authorized by that court or agency; and not engage in,
conduct or take any actions which would assist or involve the attorney in violation or professional ethics or give the
appearance of professional impropriety.
About the PCC Paralegal Program

Since 1924 Pasadena City College, located in the heart of
Pasadena, California has been educating students to become
professionals in the work force. PCC is part of California's 110
community colleges, which have a total enrollment of 2.9 million
students, the largest higher education system in the world.

The Paralegal Studies Program at Pasadena City College,
established in 1972, is widely known and respected by the legal
community. The program has been approved by the American Bar
Association continuously since 1995. While hundreds of our
graduates work in law firms, businesses and the government,
others utilize their paralegal education as a foundation for pre-law

It is the primary objective of PCC’s Paralegal Studies 2-year
program to provide students with an education that will enable
them to effectively assist attorneys in all phases of private and
public law practice. To achieve this objective each of our programs
is designed to:

•        Develop in each student critical thinking and analytical skills;
•        Enable each student to become an effective communicator
through training in research, writing, listening, and speaking skills;
•        Make each student a competent legal professional by
providing him/her with both theory and practical knowledge and
training; and
•        Provide each student with a foundation in ethics and
professional responsibility that will enable him/her to recognize
values and perform legal services in an ethical manner.
PCC’s Paralegal Studies program is approved by the American Bar Association, signifying that they have met standards
intended to ensure a quality paralegal education.

Our flexible scheduling options (classes starting as early as 7 a.m., through 6:30 in the evening during the week, Saturday
mornings at 8 a.m. and online) will allow you to create a personalized course schedule.  Each student receives a Westlaw
computer-assisted legal research password to use for their school-related projects anywhere there is Internet access.
Plus, your training includes an externship where you will put your skills to work in a real legal environment!
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is pleased to announce that the American Bar Association
(ABA) has granted re-approval to the Paralegal Studies Program
offered at PCC for the 5th time, and will be valid until 2021!